Professional Drone Services and Analytics

Intelligent and Insightful Drone Data for your Industry


Professional Drone Services and Analytics

Intelligent and Insightful Drone Data for your Industry

About us

IAS is a drone service provider leveraging the latest developments in drone hardware and software applications to deliver its clients accurate and actionable data in a user-friendly manner. To ensure maximum benefit of your aerial data, IAS selects the processing platform that delivers output that works best for your industry needs. Our team combines expertise from the aviation, technology and data sectors.

IAS is a legal and insured service provider. All pilots hold a Remote Pilots License (RPLs) and are specially trained in advanced aerial data collection. IAS prides itself on offering a professional end-to-end solution for drone data that can improve operational performance for your industry.

How It Works


Our flight team can be airborne within 48 hours of a request industry.


We upload and process your data within 24 hours of flight completion


We provide advanced data analysis, detailed maps and reports, which can be instantly shared.

Industries We Operate In

Drone Data compatible with your Software


Data can be viewed and manipulated via a secure web portal, and is downloadable in a format compatible with your design, mapping or engineering platform.

CAA Certified Operator


IAS is a licensed drone service provider holding a remote operating certificate (ROC) from the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) and a Class III General Air Service License (ASL) from the Department of Transport. IAS is committed to operating within the legal framework implemented by the SACAA. All flights are insured in the event of an accident or incident impacting a third party.

ASL No: G1326D
ROC No: CAA/G1326D

Our operations are governed by the following sets of legislation

  • SACAA RPAS Regulations Part 101 and 141
  • The Air Service Licensing Act no 115 of 1990.
  • The Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA)

Operations outside South Africa


IAS operates throughout Africa. Rules and regulations change between countries. Our operational procedures, safety standards and manuals have been developed inline with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) allowing us scope to operate in most countries.

Our team is committed to obtaining approvals from the local CAA and/or relevant authorities in order to be complaint with local legislation.