Fly with us

Professional, legal drone services for your industry.


Fly with us

Professional, legal drone services customized your meet your needs.

Choosing IAS as your preferred drone service provider (DSP) guarantees that you have committed to using a professional, legal and insured operator. Our type rated remote pilots are trained in advanced aerial data collection, ensuring the data is accurate and quality assured.

We work closely with our clients over the duration of the project making sure their expectations are met. Above all, the safety of the staff and public for each operation is our first priority.


Field operations manual

Whether working on a farm, film set or mine we develop a field operations manual for your project, which includes the following:

  • Pre-site assessment
  • Flight mission planning
  • Hazard and risk assessment
  • Project checklists
  • Aircraft safety report
  • Flight Folio
  • Aeronautical charts
  •  Site permission and any special permission required
  •  Onsite assessment including detailed weather forecast
  •  NOTAMS (aviation notices to ensure safety in the flight area)
  •  Emergency response plan
  •  Preflight checklists

Ready for takeoff

Allowed Operations

  • Operations within controlled airspace
  • Operations within a 10km of an aerodrome
  • Operations within restricted airspace
  • Use of a public road as a place for takeoff and landing
  • Operations adjacent to or above:
  • i. National Key Point
  • ii. Strategic installation
  • Night operations
  • Operations directly overhead or closer than 50m from people
  • Operations within 50m of building and/ or structures and
  • Operations over, along or closer than 50m from public roads

IAS strives to provide you with a professional and innovative solution, which will save you time, reduce your costs and drive the productivity of your industry.